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Leap Conflict Resolution

HYPE members attended a 3 day training course.
Leap is a registered training provider and social enterprise providing conflict resolution training to young people and the adults that work with them - all across the UK. Leap offers a range of training program for young people around learning to manage conflict: peer mediation, gangs and group offending, and preventing racist violence. We also offer young people a chance to understand the conflicts in their lives and develop new ways to resolve them through the accredited Improving Prospects program.

Ice and Fire

HYPE attended a performance about Human Rights, Asylum and Refugee awareness and they also had a chance to be involved in audience interaction with the performers.

ice&fire explores human rights stories through performance. We are a company with a distinct and determined voice, developing original theatre pieces from human rights testimony and documentary evidence. Each piece is shaped by the real people and communities with whom we closely work. From full-scale productions to making small pieces with vulnerable groups, our theatre-making is renowned as provocative, principled and innovative.

Oblong Community Centre

HYPE created a DVD which told their experiences of Mental Health and how the Market Place had supported them on their journey. This has been shown to other professionals and funders when appropriate.

Established in 1996 Oblong is a community resource centre that provides advice, support and facilities for local people who want to make a difference through volunteering and community projects. Our aim is to provide: Volunteer opportunities – for graphic design, web design and video working with local community projects to meet their needs.

The Children’s legal Centre - HYPE took part in a Consultation with The Children’s Legal centre, and gave their views and ideas on their website.

British Youth Council – HYPE attended an event in London to the British Youth Council Equality 4 U event.


During the month of November HYPE joined up with works from the MAP project to create a magazine which gave information about HYPE and its members but also contained puzzles, recipes etc.

MAP is an arts center based in Leeds that offers young people access to art and music courses and opportunities ranging from experience in graphics and illustration through to lyric writing and music production. Our courses are designed to engage learners through both individual and group projects.


HYPE travelled to Manchester for the regional final of the NCVYS award (National Council for Voluntary Youth Service). Along with two other organisation HYPE presented a play about the challenges the group have faced as well as their achievements.

“Had fun and voiced myself”

NCVYS (London)

HYPE travelled to London for the final of the NCVYS award (National Council for Voluntary Youth Service). The award ceremony was a celebration event of all the work young people’s groups have done to influence organisations and decision making. The event included presentations, live music, videos, three course meal and was held at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

The Lord Mayor Visit

The Lord Mayor came to visit The Market Place to hear more about what The Market Place does and why services like ours are important and what makes a service accessible to young people. Alongside a few staff members HYPE answered the Lord Mayors questions as well as presenting what the HYPE group is about and why it is important.

Social Care Consultation

HYPE was invited by Social Services to be a part of a consultation about services for young adults with mental health issues. HYPE gave feedback about suitable activities, venues and ways of working with young adults.

Young Minds Consultation

HYPE took part in a consultation with young minds around mental health and the services available for young people.

Drug and Alcohol Commissioner

Hype took part in a consultation with the Drug and Alcohol Commissioner for Leeds. This was giving feedback around Hypes knowledge of Drug and Alcohol services in Leeds.

Voluntary Action Leeds

Hype also took part in a consultation for voluntary action Leeds, who asked HYPE for information on how being NEET affects young people’s mental health and wellbeing. They also began filling out a young person’s questionnaire on being NEET.

The Rotary Club Nomination

Two long standing members received an award from The Rotary Club for all their volunteer work since being involved in the HYPE group and other related organisations.

Young people received their awards from the Lord Major in the civic hall to acknowledge their achievements.

Young Minds Consultation

HYPE took part in a consultation with young minds about what young people would want from integrated support with different agencies.

Leeds Safeguarding Children and Young People’s Board

Jeni a trainer from the safeguarding children and young people’s board did a consultation around professional’s working with families.

Hype had to reduce by importance some statements that professionals thought important when working with families and young people to fit on a book mark.

Hilary Benn Visit

Hilary Benn came to visit The Market Place. This was an opportunity for Hillary to meet HYPE members and to find out what they do. The hype members showed Hillary around The Market Place and at the end there was an opportunity for Hillary and HYPE members to ask each other questions.

Children’s Workforce Training

Members of HYPE delivered a training session for staff from the children’s workforce of Leeds City Council. HYPE were able to share what The Market Place and HYPE are all about as well as train staff about what is important when working with young people.

Sexual Health Consultation

Hype was asked by the commissioner for sexual health services in Leeds to do a consultation. The sexual health workers showed  hype members numerous suggestions from agency’s that had put a bid in for the sexual health work and asked them what they thought was a good idea and a not so good idea.

Hype also filled out the city centre hub questionnaire (What services would young people like to see in Leeds city centre hub).

Meeting with Ed Balls

Following on from the NEET consultation with Gary Blake Hype were invited to a meeting with Ed Balls MP about Mental Health and youth unemployment.   

Leeds Safeguarding Conference

Young people attended the safeguarding conference and delivered two workshops for children’s workforce delegates. HYPE were able to facilitate a workshop about positive ways to work with young people who are experiencing self-harm issues and suicidal thoughts as well as leading attendees through various scenarios.

West Yorkshire Police Commissioner Visit

HYPE had the chance to meet with the West Yorkshire Police commissioner to ask question and have their voices heard about young people, policing and mental health. HYPE were able to showcase the work they have done in the past year to help build their case toward a recent funding bid.

Bradford College Event

Hype delivered a session around communicating with young people to social work students at the college.  There were approximately 90 students in the hall and Hype played a game of ready, steady, communicate.  They encouraged the student to say whether the communication was good or bad example and then discussed this further from a young person’s perspective.

Child friendly Leeds Awards

The Market Place was nominated for an overall award for child friendly services in Leeds. HYPE members attended the award ceremony along with the director and some members of staff.

Through being involved in the HYPE group, some members have also volunteered for Young Minds, Right Hear that are National Participation Advisory groups for Young People, and also been involved with campaigns and articles within the media.

Interviews - Throughout the years HYPE have interviewed any potential workers at the marketplace including volunteers, paid workers and even a new director.

HYPE members have also met with numerous possible funders.