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Words can’t express what HYPE has meant to me over the years. When I first joined I was struggling with extreme anxiety and found it almost impossible to speak to people. I was very isolated and lonely.

I joined HYPE in the middle of accessing support from the My Plan service as I thought it would help me with my isolation and give me somewhere to go every two weeks. Initially I was really nervous but over time I grew more and more confident and was able to contribute to discussions and enjoy being part of the group.

Being able to focus on helping out The Market Place worked really well for me because I was contributing in a pivotal way to the way The Market Place was run; having that influence made me feel good about myself and gave me something to feel proud of. I loved that I was giving something back to a service that had helped me so much and the informal, friendly atmosphere of the group made it a joy to go to.  

Through HYPE I found out about other ways I could raise awareness around mental health and support young people experiencing similar things to me. I’m now a mental health activist and keen campaigner! As part of HYPE I have interviewed and helped hire many of the staff currently working at TMP, including its director.

After leaving HYPE I was invited to join the Board as a Trustee. I feel incredibly proud I am able to continue supporting TMP!