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Group support

Group Work at The Market Place

If you have used any of the services at The Market Place you can get more involved by joining one of our groups. Group Work at The Market Place is varied and includes:


HYPE is a group for anyone aged 11-25 who has come to The Market Place. The group meets at The Market Place every 2 weeks on Friday between 4:30-6:30pm

What is HYPE?
A small group that gets to have their voices heard and influences how services develop for young people at The Market Place and across Leeds. Although these are serious issues for young people we try to make it fun and engaging through activities, games, food and small group work.

HYPE helps to develop services at The Market Place and to help other services across Leeds become more young person centred.

Find out more about HYPE's past activities.

How to get involved:

After you have started using any of our services at The Market Place let any worker know you’re interested and give them your contact details (email and telephone number).
A HYPE worker will then contact you to arrange for you to come and try a ‘taster’ session on a Friday. We will then call you after you have visited to see what you think.

If you are a professional wanting to know about the HYPE group please call us on 0113 246 1659 or email

Level Heads

An Anger Management Group for young people aged 11-19 years old (groups will be split age appropriately). This is a 3 week course based at the Market Place premises in Leeds City Centre. It will focus on exploring angry feelings, and look at ways to manage anger effectively. Young people would need to attend a one-off 2 hour anger management workshop before they can attend the 3 week course. 


The THRU project stands for Talking, Help, Relate, Understand. It is a peer support group for young people 16 -24. It is a partnership project between The Market Place and Leeds MIND. Peer support means supporting each other using shared personal experiences.

The THRU group is an opportunity to share and talk about your own personal experiences and get support from others who may be experiencing similar issues. In turn listening to and supporting others can also be helpful to your own emotional health and well-being.

The THRU project also offers skills based courses. These are 6 weekly sessions providing skills and techniques to work through issues around confidence, self- esteem and building resilience.

If you would like to find out more about the THRU group please contact Carley (Development and Group Worker) at or the Leeds Mind Peer Support service on 0113 305 5803 or by email at to book an introduction appointment.

Lifesmart Workshops

One off workshops to look at specific themes such as Exam Stress, Anger Management, Anxiety and Self Harm. All workshops will explore how the issue affects people and suggest coping strategies for managing these feelings.

For further information about the group work programmes and the workshops please contact The Market Place ad speak to a worker.